Tuesday, January 13, 2009

{Sweet Baby Pink}

So I finally have a picture to show that does the tutu justice!!! My friend and seriously amazing photographer Andrea Watkins used the newborn bright pink one. Little baby Adia looks so beautiful and peaceful laying there!!! Andi is taking some more pics soon of toddlers and little girls so check back soon...
P.S. Check out her awesome photography skills, I love her style!
http://www.andiwatkins.com/ Thanks again Andi!


  1. No prob Cari, I love the tutu's! you are so creative!!! I am more than happy to photograph cute lil' girls wearing them!!

  2. And I have no prob. makin them for these cute little girls to wear! And hey since we're both creative...we're gonna rock!

  3. oh my, that picture is so CUTE!! I just made a tutu for McKenna for christmas. Of course It wasn't this cute. Great job! I will add you to our blog!