Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tutu's for sale!!!

So here is my first attempt at this blog thing ha ha... I've been looking at other blogs, now I'm breaking down to do my own! I have started to make these little tutu skirts for little girls. They love them!! I've heard they won't even take them off for bed!!! Since I have started getting requests, I decided to make them available to everyone out there. Here are some pictures of the ones I have in stock right now. Feel free to contact me if you see one you like, or if you have some favorite colors in mind, I can make whatever you want. Thanks for checking me out, hope to hear from you soon!!!

This one is light purple and green.. the ribbon
is green with purple flowers. It's a 2T

This pink one is so cute!!! It's a newborn so
14". I can also add green ribbon around the
waist and black pom poms on the strips, so it
looks like a watermelon!!!

The red one is a new born size-14", the bow comes off.

This one is aqua blue and bright green...

the bow has blue/green flowers. It is a 3T or 19". It closes with Velcro.

P.S. don't mind my photography!!! I'll get some pics of them on little girls soon:)...


  1. Oh no, this is really not good . . . for me!!! Those are so danged cute! I wish I would have known you were making newborn ones, I totally would have gotten one for Sasha's newborn pics. Oh well . . . maybe her 6 month pics, tee hee!

  2. Oh no Linds, this will be a good thing!!! Just wait till you see them in person and you'll fall in love! You let me know what you think she will just be adorable in. Or call me for some cute ideas! So since I'm so illiterate at this blog do I look up people that I know already have a blog. And how do I become a follower of yours? I think I have one on my page where people can become followers. ah, this just sounding too lame!!! U get what I mean? Ha keep in touch, we got some things to figure out!